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Beebe Healthcare


Beebe Healthcare offers an array of inpatient, outpatient, emergency, and diagnostic services via a network of locations throughout Sussex County. Founded in 1916 by two physician brothers, Drs. James Beebe and Richard C. Beebe, the medical center in Lewes is a 210-licensedbed, not-for-profit seaside community hospital. Beebe’s specialized service lines include cardiovascular, oncology, women’s health, and orthopedics. The growth of the coastal Sussex area that has occurred in the past two decades has led to the tremendous growth of Beebe and its services; not only at the main campus in downtown Lewes, but at locations throughout the county.


Beebe’s Tunnell Cancer Center opened in November of 1995 at Beebe’s main campus in Lewes with two oncologists and a handful of staff. Following more than a decade of growth, in 2006, the center moved into its present modern and spacious location at the Beebe Health Campus on John J. Williams Highway in Rehoboth Beach. Today, it is served by eleven oncology specialist physicians and surgeons, two mid-level providers, and more than 90 other staff members. More than 200 patient visits are provided daily.



At Beebe’s main campus, SecureNetMD rebuilt six of the hospital’s intermediate distribution frame closets. These were outfitted with new racks and patch cables assembled in an orderly, easily followed system to upgrade data, voice and patient record security services to the hospital. Due to the highly critical nature of the data network, and the lack of tolerance for system downtime, this project was completed in several phases. This ensured that there was no loss of time or critical patient care throughout the process.

In working with Beebe at the Tunnell Cancer Center, the main distribution frame was completely removed, rewired and upgraded to create a clear and straight forward system of patch cables, allowing for an increase in reliability as well as a path for future growth. This entire project was completed in one weekend so there was no disruption of service for any of the medical personnel or the thousands of clients who use the center regularly.


In both instances, our highly trained personnel, including a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), worked closely with Beebe’s Information Systems department. Using many of the specialized tools at SecureNetMD ’s disposal, the installed solution was thoroughly tested to the most rigorous standards.

The comprehensive nature of the planning involved in these projects to allows Beebe to use the latest technology and allow Beebe’s network to grow and adapt to high-bandwidth medical technologies that are on the horizon.

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