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Swarthmore College is a private liberal arts college located in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Swarthmore’s 399-acre campus includes numerous dormitory and classroom buildings that have been built and added in the over 150-year history of the institution.

Swarthmore supports an academic staff of over 200 and an undergraduate population of over 1,500. Recently, Swarthmore has been endeavoring on a building and modernization campaign, resulting in several large construction projects and the upgrading of their communications infrastructure.

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When Swarthmore recently undertook to build a hotel, conference center and restaurant, while also upgrading connectivity and communications systems in the Swarthmore College bookstore, SecureNetEDU provided design and building help inside a project timeline that was issued on a “build as fast as possible,” basis.

The scope of the project required backbone cabling with more than 300 Category 6 cables, 50 coaxial television locations, closed circuit television camera cabling, and a distributed antenna system (DAS).

Also, as part of the project, ThinkSecureNet installed optical fiber links between the main buildings on campus and the new Swarthmore Town Center building. Through our design and review process ThinkSecureNet was able to identify inefficiencies, redundancies, and inadequate cable design in the original plan. These were corrected with the concurrence of the client, saving an estimated ten percent on cost and time in the project. In total, the install phase of the project took four months, started in January, finished in April 2016.

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