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Low-voltage cabling (also called structured wiring) is electrical wiring and trim that requires less current to power infrastructural technologies such as phones, security wires, fire alarms, intercoms, internet and other connected systems.

Security & Surveillance

Low-voltage wiring is used for security and surveillance systems, such as burglar alarms, video cameras, and access control systems. These systems use low-voltage signals to transmit data and control the security components. Low-voltage wiring provides a safer and more reliable option for transmitting these signals, as compared to high-voltage wiring.

Telephone Systems

Wiring can be used for both traditional landline and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems. This wiring carries low-voltage signals for both voice and data transmission, and is essential for providing reliable and efficient telephone service.

Audio & Video System

Low-voltage wiring is used for audio and video systems, such as home theaters, surround sound systems, and commercial audio systems. This wiring carries low-voltage signals for audio and video transmission, providing clear and high-quality sound and picture.

WiFi & Internet Systems

Low-voltage wiring is used for WiFi and internet systems, including both home and commercial networks. This wiring carries signals for data transmission, providing reliable and fast internet and network access. It is an essential component of modern communication and technology systems.

ThinkSecureNet's sound masking installation delivers speech privacy and comfort for any professional environment, allowing collaborative and individual workspaces to co-exist.

Sound masking, when properly designed, dynamically improves comfort and collaboration in the workspace by gently raising the ambient background sound uniformly with a clean, consistently random, broadband, non-intrusive sound

Secure assets with top-tier video surveillance cameras and features such as infrared night recording, motion detection, tamper detection, virtual line crossing, enter/exit designated area alerts and more.

ThinkSecureNet specializes in meeting the A/V technology needs of business owners and operators in corporate, higher-education, government, hospitality, retail and healthcare applications.

Our services include presentation, collaboration, sound and video display tools for productivity enhancement, workplace efficiency, and a technology experience that just works.

Our technologies used for commercial integration are designed specifically for enterprise use and/or mission-critical application, and differ from those audio video products sold to consumers.

Our Managed WiFi service allows businesses to use the latest hi-speed wireless solutions and leave the maintenance and security to ThinkSecureNet.

We’ll manage the procurement, installation and maintenance of the network and monitor the performance, optimization and risk management in real-time.

Create stunning visual experiences with our cutting-edge video walls. Perfect for corporate branding, Information, presentations, advertising, or simply making a bold statement.

Ensure robust and consistent wireless coverage across buildings or campuses with ThinkSecureNet’s DAS.

In-building public safety DAS (distributed antenna systems) extend radio system signals, enabling first responders (fire, police and medical services) to communicate with each other.

An overhead paging system is a good vehicle for delivering critical safety and security information over a wide range of spaces in offices, warehouses and other buildings.

For many businesses, overhead paging systems are used for employee communications and customer interactions, such as queue management, broadcasting announcements and locating employees who have a call waiting.

Access control systems from ThinkSecureNet offer many benefits, transforming a business environment into a more secure, efficient, and cost-effective space.

Access Control Systems increase ease of access for employees, eliminate the need for traditional keys, monitor personnel movement, protect against unwanted visitors, data breaches, theft and accidents, and allow for flexible work timings.

Audio conferencing is a cost-effective and convenient solution, drastically reducing expenditures associated with business travel and enables meetings from anywhere, anytime, with thousands of simultaneous connections and an easy-to-use, familiar technology.

Get your message across effectively and attractively with our digital signage solutions. Amplify your brand and engage your audience like never before.

Experience unmatched data transmission speed with our indoor/outdoor fiber optic solutions. We bring the future of connectivity to your business.

Fiber optic installation offers high-performance and delivers greater bandwidth capacity and less chance of electromagnetic interference you receive with a copper cable.

ThinkSecureNet’s installers specialize in a variety of cable installation services to deliver the speed and reliability of service businesses depend on.

Communicate swiftly and effectively during emergencies with our mass notification systems. Safety is a priority, and we've got it covered.


Let us be your partner on a secure, future-proof installation that keeps your organization connected.

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In this age of the everything-digital business, having a secure, dependable and scalable infrastructure subcontractor isn't a luxury - it's a necessity.

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We help you overcome challenges and turn your infrastructure vendor needs from a challenge into a tool for growth and innovation.


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