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SecureNet Voice is the unified communications system that makes it easy to call, meet, message, fax, and SMS all from one app.

Innovative solutions for every industry.

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Voice Services Made Simple

Whether your clients prefer voice, SMS text, live chat, or email,SecureNet Voice  provides custom omnichannel communication services with all of the features and capabilities you need and none of the extras and hidden fees you don’t. 

SecureNet Voice delivers crystal-clear call quality and intuitive call flow design to delight your clients. Our communication services also integrate with your existing business applications, such as Salesforce and Microsoft 365, and can be delivered fully optimized for mobile devices.   

Frustration-Free Connections 

We want your clients to land in the right place the first time - and every time.

Our contact center solutions provide efficient, integrated assistance across all of your channels—voice, email, SMS text, or live chat.

Secure, Compliant Email and Fax Communication 

Strict compliance regulations and an increase in cyber threats mean you can’t leave email and fax security to chance. 

With SecureNet Voice, you get end-to-end email encryption, centralized reporting, and a portal-based faxing hub with advanced security and redundancy to protect your most sensitive documents and provide automatic compliance.

Data-Driven Client Satisfaction

Data takes the guesswork out of improving your communication strategy. A deep dive into the analytics can guide changes to everything from call flow to staffing to client satisfaction. 

SecureNet Voice’s call analytics specialists will help you create a roadmap that optimizes your business’s current call capabilities and empowers decision-making for future growth and process improvement.

Fully Open Lines of Communication

SecureNet Voice’s cloud-based hosted communications solutions provide secure, compliant, flexible technology that checks all the boxes for your business’s voice, SMS text, email, and fax transmission needs.

Crystal-Clear Call Quality

Optimizable data voice traffic capabilities deliver HD call quality on any device from any location.

Intuitive Call Flow Design

Easy-to-navigate call flow design minimizes call churn and increases client satisfaction.

Mobile Device Compatibility

From Android to Apple, you’ll be able to access your email and your business phone system in whatever way you prefer.

Regulatory Compliance

Protect your confidential emails and faxes and be in compliance automatically.

Integration with Existing Apps

Voice systems work with apps you already love, such as Outlook and Salesforce, and secure fax offers remote access and integration with Office 365.

Mission-Critical Reliability

No matter what internet issues occur in your local area, your voice system will keep running in our cloud environment.

We Are Complexity Management Specialists

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