Why Is It Important For You To Be HIPAA Compliant?

June 11, 2021  |  by ThinkSecure Network

The healthcare industry functions mostly on the ability to store important patient medical documents in an electronic database. Due to the numerous technological advances in the world today, those in the healthcare industry are enjoying their ability to have better and quicker access to healthcare information.

Since there are so many technological advances, the chances of anyone committing any mistakes will be decreased. However, there are always serious threats that could occur from the outside. Those serious threats mean there will be more involvement from the government when there is not enough compliance from healthcare providers.

The HIPAA Act is very clear about their standards when it comes to security standards and safeguarding medical records. The HIPAA act is also clear and strict about the penalties and fines that will be assessed when the duty is not upheld as it should be.

When dealing with important patient documents, it is important that the patients have a HIPAA compliant provider who will follow the safeguards that have been set. HIPAA is important to patients because it offers them many benefits and it gives them peace of mind.

Patients will be able to enjoy a variety of benefits, including the following:

Patients want to have their data on a platform that will not have a high chance of being breached. As a HIPAA compliant provider, you can reduce the likelihood of your patients’ medical records being breached.

Security For Your System And Servers
It is very important that your servers and systems are equipped with the latest anti-virus and anti-malware software. When you are HIPAA compliant, you will be up-to-date with the best software for your servers and systems. You will be aware of the latest threat profiles and you will have the best security updates to ensure your servers and systems will always be protected.

Worldwide Monitoring
It is very possible that a breach can occur on your servers and systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days out of the year. Your healthcare facilities should be equipped with the latest security tools that will keep track of everything and review everything that will occur on your facilities devices as they are occurring.

It can be very time-consuming and frustrating to single out threats and vulnerabilities that could be in your network. When you use a HIPAA compliant solutions, you will have constant scanning on your servers that will detect any activity that seems suspicious. Security analysts will be able to detect any threats and fix them before they have an impact on patient medical records.

HIPAA Compliant
When you use HIPAA compliant solutions, your healthcare facilities will not have to worry about using your valuable time and your valuable resources worrying about safety and security.

Additional Benefits That HIPAA Provides To Patients

  • Greater control over their medical records
  • The ability to make informed choices about the use of their protected health information
  • HIPAA ensures there are boundaries that are set on the use of medical records
  • HIPAA ensures that are boundaries that are set on the release of medical records
  • HIPAA creates safeguards that health care providers have to follow in order to ensure that patient health information is protected
  • HIPAA ensures that any violators will be held accountable for the actions they have taken

Ensuring you are HIPAA compliant is certainly not an easy task, but this is the reason why so many medical providers seek the solutions of a provider. If you want your practice to be protected and if you want your patients to enjoy the benefits of having protection over their medical records, it is time to make sure you are HIPAA compliant.

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