5 Reasons You Need a Help Desk

Almost 1 million new technology viruses are created every day.

If your business relies on computers or tablets to get your work done then a virus or tech problem can sometimes mean the loss of thousands of dollars. A technology help desk can help your business through these problems and more.

Still not convinced? Read on to learn what it is and how it can help:

What is a Technology Help Desk?

If your company often uses technological devices for their work then it might be worth investing in a technology help desk. This desk is a center that will handle all of your business’ IT requests.

It will schedule responses to the requests as well as recording any notes about them that may be useful later. They are usually organized using a specific software as well. You may find a company’s technology desk in their corporate office or it may be outsourced elsewhere.

Saves Time

One way that a help desk may assist a business is by saving its time. When a system is set up within a business to effectively report on technology then they are addressed quickly. Employees are able to have their problems addressed or followed up on so they can continue to work on projects.

When the desk can address the problems faster than they would without it they begin to build credibility. This credibility causes them to be utilized more instead of employees attempting to solve problems themselves.

Improves Customer Service

These technology desks can be helpful to customers too. And can increase the issues that are handled in a timely manner. Especially in online cases.

54% of millennial customers expressed that they stopped buying from a business because of poor customer service. Multiple purchases happen online every day and the e-commerce industry is constantly growing. If a website goes down or a card is charged twice your customers will want to know why right away.

Helps Prioritize

Having a help desk also allows you to decide which problems are most important. There are usually multiple technical problems happening at the same time. And one IT professional can become really busy.

If you don’t have a system in place, they may have to get to these problems in chronological order and will not get to the larger ones for a while. Unless there is an emergency. With a desk, these problems can be sorted out depending on urgency and likeliness to get worse.

Identifies Trends

Some computers will have the same updating issue if they are the same brand. Or run into similar issues working on similar problems. A desk can help identify these similarities using their software.

After each repair or solution, notes will be taken on issues for future reference. These can be useful when similar problems come up down the road.

Creates a Better Team

Having a designated desk for technology issues can help create a better IT desk overall. IT employees will have a better system in place and a space to work on their issues in peace. As they can often become interrupted by frustrated employees about their devices.

The desk software will also be able to record IT solutions as well as what each technician is good at. This can help increase efficiency as future problems will be assigned to technicians who are experienced with them.

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Having a desk for IT is a big step for a company, but can lessen employee frustration and make processes more efficient! In fact, there are many forms of technology out there that can help make your business run smoother.

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