Top 5 Computer Security Threats That Could Cost You Millions

June 11, 2021  |  by ThinkSecure Network

The Internet is a beautiful thing. You can shop online, conduct business, and watch cute cat videos. But like the Wild West, the Internet has outlaws.

Hackers steal millions of dollars worth of data every day. In fact, half of all small businesses report suffering a cyber attack. Even the big guys like Sony aren’t immune to a cyber thief’s sticky fingers.

Knowing is half the battle, especially in the digital space. These five common computer security threats could ruin you if left undetected.


These guys are the ninjas of digital crime. If your computer’s infected with one, you won’t know it.

Botnets are a collection of software robots that infect other computers, called zombies. The creator of the botnets can then control the zombies.

Using the zombies, the controller can send infected emails and spread malware. Worse, they can recruit your computer into an army, carrying out the next threat on our list.

DDOS Attacks

DDOS stands for distributed denial-of-service. It’s one of the nastier online threats.

Hackers use zombie computers to sabotage a server. They contact it again and again, flooding it with piles of useless data. The traffic increases so much, it can force the server to shut down. The network then can’t serve legitimate users.

For most online businesses, traffic is revenue. A server slows down, or worse, a shutdown, spells catastrophe.

Mobile Malware

More and more people browse the Internet with their phones. Businesses have adapted. They make phone friendly websites and mobile apps to buy.

The trouble is, hackers have gone mobile too.

Using infected apps, hackers steal information with mobile malware. Often they go after businesses because most don’t have the proper security.


Also known as spoofing, phishing is a common cyber scam: easy to do with effortless results.

Hackers bait the hook with fake text messages, websites, and emails appearing legitimate. They ask you to submit information or update an account.

Don’t let them fool you though. It’s only a trick to steal from you and wreck your system.


One of the worst Internet threats is ransomware. It’s a type of malware designed to restrict access to your computer. It can come from phishing emails or pop-up ads.

Ransomware has two flavors: lock screen and encryption. Lock screen ransomware prevents you from accessing your computer. Encryption ransomware locks up your files on your hard drive, shared network, USB, or the cloud.

With each, you’ll receive a notification demanding payment to restore access. Hackers may even disguise themselves as law enforcement. They might say the money is to avoid prosecution for illegal activity.

Whatever the case, never pay the ransom. It’s a trick to steal money, and restored access is never guaranteed.

The Best Way to Fight Computer Security Threats

The Internet is here to stay. In fact, as the future gets closer, our lives will become more digitized. Hackers won’t go away because we want them to.

So how can your business fight against ever-increasing computer security threats?

Simple, call us. At ThinkSecureNet, we are the leader in managed IT solutions. We’ve fought and beaten every type of threat out there.

Contact us today with questions or have us test your network’s security. You’ll be safer for it.

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