The Most Dangerous Ransomware Viruses

June 11, 2021  |  by ThinkSecure Network

Dangerous Ransomware poses a major threat to many online businesses. If a company becomes infected, they will lose time and productivity.

As well as a lot of money.

A ransomware attack holds your computer hostage: the attackers will only give you the key to unlocking it if you give them what they want. It’s extortion on a cyber level, and it’s a nightmare to fight.

The best ways to avoid falling victim to a ransomware attack is to make sure that your security is up to par and to learn about the most dangerous ransomware viruses out there.

Here are a few that you should always be aware of.

Five Dangerous Ransomware Viruses

Coders and hackers are always creating new ransomware, but knowing about some of the most dangerous ones in existence can help you prepare for an attack anytime.


This ransomware attack in 2017 infected over 200,000 computers worldwide. The attackers demanded $300 in Bitcoin per computer before they would turn over the key. WannaCry infected major companies as well as hospitals.

WannaCry gave victims seven days to pay the ransom, at which time their computers would be unlocked. Many companies opted not to pay the ransom, but the attackers still made over $130,000.


Reveton was a Trojan Horse attack that would trick users into believing that their computer had been used to commit illegal activities. This dangerous ransomware would even display the computer’s IP address or images from the webcam to convince the users.

This was a major attack that infected five million computers and cost an estimated $800 million in damages and payouts.

Although this ransomware was released in 2012, there is evidence that there are new versions out there.


This is a newer ransomware that is delivered by an email claiming to be an invoice. Many times, the invoice will be a Microsoft Word or Excel file that, when opened, looks like a bad file. Locky then asks the user to enable macros to fix the file and the computer becomes infected.

Locky is expensive to pay off with a demand of one Bitcoin, which ranges between seven and nine thousand dollars in 2018.


Another Trojan like Locky, Cryptowall infects your computer redirecting advertisements to sites that used browser plugins to distribute the virus. It can also steal passwords and access to Bitcoin wallets.

The FBI reported that estimated losses and costs were over $18 million.


This ransomware is effective because rather than targeting computers, it targets servers, making them impossible to gain access to. It was written in many different computer languages, making it hard to crack.

Because of the seriousness of Cerber, it was cracked fast, but there are versions that still exist, and this remains an example of dangerous ransomware.

How to Prevent Ransomware

The best thing you can do is have a team of professions that know how to prevent and counteract instances of dangerous ransomware. You should also provide training to your employees on how to detect possible malicious emails and attempts to break into your systems.

For more information on computer security, please explore our many IT solutions to help protect your network.

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